If you're tired of taking your car to the shop every time it needs an oil change or small repair, why not try taking things into your own hands? Sears carries comprehensive mechanic's tool sets with all the items and supplies you need. Build a new collection from scratch with a massive auto tool set featuring over pieces. The range of ratchets, wrenches, pliers and screwdrivers in standard and metric sizes will help ensure that no project is out of reach.

If you already have a collection of tools at home, a smaller mechanics tool set featuring under 50 pieces is a great way to expand your options.

No matter which size is right for your garage or workshop, the durable materials and quality craftsmanship will last for years of use. Many sets even come with customized storage cases featuring a unique placeholder for each piece of equipment, which means finding the right tool exactly when you need it is simple.

Whether you're replacing a windshield wiper on the family vehicle or making repairs to a leaky sink, an automotive tool set has you covered. When you're finished, simply close the lid on the case and tuck it away at the workbench until you need it again. Get more done around the house and in the garage with a new mechanics tool set from Sears. Skip Navigation Sears home. Only Refine Your Search Brand. Set Size. Units Type. Current Offers. User Ratings.

Best Mechanic's Tool Sets: Expand Your Automotive Tool Set

Minimum Rating. Marking Text Size. New Arrivals. How's your shopping experience on this page? Take care of repairs under the hood with a new mechanics tool set from Sears If you're tired of taking your car to the shop every time it needs an oil change or small repair, why not try taking things into your own hands?

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Member-only deals Earn more points Personalized savings get more benefits. Get our Sears mobile app download apps. Visit our other sites: Shop Kmart.Mechanics tool sets contain all the tools and accessories needed to perform a wide range of tasks at home or on the job.

These comprehensive kits range in size from a few dozen to a few hundred pieces, so mechanics can find the right fit for any need at Sears. Each set includes a hard-shell carrying case to protect your valuables tools, while organizing every socket and wrench in its own compartment. Just grab the top handle and bring your entire collection into the garage to tackle your next project. A smaller kit is a great choice for home use.

Try a piece or piece set to stay prepared for any task. Pop the case open, and choose from a wide array of ratcheting wrenches before repairing a light fixture or tightening loose hinges. Many mechanics tool sets also include compartments for accessories, so there's no need to worry about losing a screwdriver bit or extension bar within a crowded toolbox.

If cars are your passion, then you'll love utilizing every piece of a large tool set. Try a piece kit that comes in a portable chest.

Slide out each door to reveal rows of steel wrenches, hex keys, sockets and more. The durable pieces will stay strong through years of intensive restoration projects. Handle any repair like a professional with mechanics tool sets from Sears. Skip Navigation Sears home. Only Refine Your Search Brand. Units Type. Current Offers. Marking Text Size. User Ratings. Minimum Rating.

New Arrivals.The Drive and its partners may earn a commission if you purchase a product through one of our links. Read more. All mechanics have their preferred set of tools. Professionals and enthusiasts alike, beyond the assortment of necessary tools, the individual's preference ultimately drives a lot of purchasing decisions when starting or expanding a toolset.

This is what makes a standard mechanic's tool kit so great: It provides a good starting point to get the most common tools out of the way so you can start with typical automotive maintenance tasks from the start as you expand the collection.

If you don't have your own preferred toolset, here is our handy guide to some of the best mechanic toolsets available today. This five-star kit has pieces, including ratchets, extensions, swivel heads, short- and deep-set sockets, combination open-end and box wrenches, Allen wrenches, and screwdriver-tipped sockets. The knurled beauty rings on the ratchets give you a firm grip and the sizes on the sockets are laser-etched so they are clearly marked—which means a lot less fumbling around in search of the correct sized socket.

The gear system gives you high torquing ability while the 5-degree arc swing provides maneuverability, especially in tight areas. The carrying kit is great for storage and transporting the tools to the work area where you need them. There are a couple of downsides, though.

The hex wrench sizes may not be big enough, especially for doing brake work. Also, the pieces can get loose in the case and the full case is quite heavy to carry around. The set actually comes with a few different options for included pieces, but the piece kit offers the most bang for the buck.

Coming with a variety of sizes of rachet and socket wrenches both metric and SAEthe tools are high end and feel sturdy in the hand. The size of the case also makes it easy to store in a vehicle or in the garage in compact spaces. While the tools are good, the case is a different story. Made of the typical cheap plastic near-budget tool sets use, the case is flexible and hardly impact-resistant.

It's also somewhat difficult to keep the individual tools organized within the case since the plastic organizers and slots don't keep everything together when carrying the set around as well as more expensive options. When it comes to sheer bulk, Craftsman's piece mechanic's tool set takes things to the extreme. Using three quick-release ratchets, the kit includes a number of sockets, extension bars, and combination wrenches to tackle almost anything a vehicle can throw at you.

Outside of a few pliers, gloves, and other random automotive tools, this kit includes it all. The real draw of this kit is the variety of tools and bits it includes.

Mechanics Hand Tools

Quality wise, the tools share the same construction quality as other Craftsman tools and other mechanic's tools around the same price. Given a large amount of included pieces, carrying around the entire set is less than ideal due to the weight. The kit is divided into separate cases, so you can take a portion of the overall toolset if needed, but it's less convenient. The cases also suffer from the common toolset issue of failing to keep tools in place while moving the kit around.

All of our reviews are based on market research, expert input, or practical experience with most products we include. This way, we offer genuine, accurate guides to help you find the best picks. The wide range of tools the company offers has a lot of quality that working professionals rely on as a good long-term investment. For professional and everyday use, the Piece Mechanic's Tool Set is one of its best mechanic's tool sets. Founded by Raymond DeWalt inthe company that bears his name has been a staple in hand and power tools for decades.

It's signature yellow scheme is recognizable nearly anywhere, and the company offers a level of construction that matches its brand recognition. While it excels with general use tools, mechanic's tool sets like the Piece Mechanic's Tool Set have won the company a place in many automotive garages. It may seem rather obvious, but the most important feature of any tool set is the selection of tools it offers. All kits are different in the number of pieces they include, but most tend to offer a standard array of common tools and sizes as a start.

At the very least, the kit should come with a complete wrench set and a healthy assortment of sockets, nut drivers, combination wrenches, and hex keys. Look for larger, more expensive kits if you want less common tools like a tape measure, utility knife, spark plug sockets, and torque wrenches.

If possible, make sure the set includes tools made of the same material like chrome vanadium steel or alloy steel.

Mechanics Tool Sets

The more tools you have, the more you will need in terms of storage and portability.Common repairs need not be a task you pay others to do or call someone to tackle for you, some of these jobs can be handled even if you are not an experienced mechanic, if you have your own tools.

Another upside is you can save a lot by doing it yourself. For mechanics, since a tool set is essential and a part of their everyday lives, they always look for the toughest and most durable.

Calling the handyman, the plumber or a mechanic would seem to be the easiest and usually the first thing that comes to our minds, just a dial away. But there could be times that we are being overcharged without us knowing it. You can apply this new skill wherever you go and to various situations. Tool sets vary, and the market is teeming with all kinds of brands, types, number of tools per set, etc. This tool set is great for home and garage projects, and perfect as an emergency tool kit.

Professional or Master mechanics use this kind of tool set, these are for extensive and more serious mechanic jobs. These sets include tools tailored for the kind of job or repairs the mechanic specializes in. They are usually a set of several hundreds, durable and more expensive. Or are you a skilled mechanic and know which tools you need? Are you working on a budget and want the less expensive tool set?

You can always begin with a starter set and add more when you need them. The more expensive and durable set that will last you for a long time?

mechanics tool set

Youcan, there is always a set that is suitable for your budget. One important factor to take in to consideration is how durable the tools are. Some people are juggling between the idea of getting something cheap versus quality tools- low-budget tools are easy on the budget, yes, but in the long run, you may end up spending more when your tools corrode or worse break and you have to buy a replacement or call a handyman. Always check the quality of the tools, what materials they are constructed from and how they were formulated.

Tools made of cheap steel does not possess the strength and toughness necessary. They should be forged from high-strength steel to ensure long life. Manufacturers formulate the tools differently, as well as use a variety of materials- High alloy steel, High carbon steel,Chrome plated, stainless steel, Chrome vanadium, and many more.

Tools with ergonomic and non-slip rubber grips allow accuracy and control and of course they are safer and more comfortable to use. Screwdrivershammers and pliers for example should be of a slip-resistant design, one slip and you could hurt yourself or mess up the job you are working on. One key factor in keeping all your tools organized and well-maintained is a handy but durable carrying case, especially if you have a large collection of tools.

The compartments of some these carrying cases have slots designated for each tool, the snap-in place design ensures that the tool is secure and will not roll off and get mixed up with other tools, it keeps everything neat and tidy. Carrying cases should be tough but lightweight,so it is easily portable.

Cases with handles provide comfort and convenience in moving your tool set from one spot to another. These 2 are both private, non-profit organizations that ensures the tools manufactured meet or exceed engineering standards. Warranties are an essential part that we always check whenever we purchase anything. Warranties provided by the manufacturer or seller vary, they can for a year, limited warranty, 2 years, Limited lifetime warranty, and so on.Here at Walmart.

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mechanics tool set

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mechanics tool set

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Husky Mechanics Tool Set REVIEW! 268 Piece Set (H268MTS)

We may receive commissions on purchases made from our chosen links. The best all around mechanic tool set should offer you plenty of variety and flexibility to tackle any number of projects.

Since small parts come in both imperial and metric measurements, it doesn't hurt to have an assortment of both types of tools as well. All the tools are forged from high strength steel and are ergonomically designed for a comfortable grip. Many of the tools are also designed for quick use. The ratchets can easily switch different sockets and extensions, and reverse direction with a simple thumb flick.

Everything is contained in a durable, easy to carry case. Sometimes, a more specialized mechanic tool set can be more useful if you have certain types of projects continuously. The set is meant for people who work on parts or projects with a large amount of nuts and bolts.

The sockets come in virtually any common size you may need and provide clear markings of the size. The standout part of this set is the primary ratchet that will work with any of the sockets included in the set. The ratchet has a tooth gearing system that gives you precise control over the amount of torque you apply. The body of the ratchet is slim for difficult to reach places and is designed for one hand operation with quick socket changes.

For a starter kit, a budget tool set is a perfect option when you want something with the basics. Budget kits tend to skip the specialized tools and focus on the more commonly used pieces you may need.

The Hi-Spec 67 Piece Auto Mechanics kit will provide you a decent set of sockets and a pro grade ratchet. In addition, you will find other common garage tools like needle nose pliers, hex keys, and even a voltage tester.

If you have a large collection of tools already, this set is also a good option for a smaller, more mobile tool set. Instead of reaching for tools from all corners of your workspace, this one keeps everything in a sturdy case for you to keep at your side as you work.

One tool set to do it all is the dream of many professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike. Why stock your garage with every single tool you might need when one tool set will be enough?

While it may just be a dream, the Crescent CTKCMP2 certainly gets close by offering assorted tools you can use on virtually any project. With ratchets, sockets, wrenches, pliers, and more, this is the best choice if you only want one tool set to store. One of the best features about this set is the storage case. The inside compartments make it easy to organize the tools so each one has a proper, easy to reach spot. When closed, the convenient handle also means you can carry this set with you wherever you need on projects that require moving around.

The 8 Best Mechanic Tool Sets of 2020

The Craftsman Piece ratchet set offers any and all types of ratchets and sockets you could ever want in a tool set.Made in the U. Suitable for occasional maintenance work, these sets are imported. For high quality at a lower price, choose these U.

Made of aluminum- bronze, these sockets satisfy OSHA requirements that specify nonsparking tools for locations where flammable vapors and combustible residues are present. Grip the indentations around the outside of tri-groove fasteners. Pair them with a square drive tool, such as a socket wrench, to deliver high levels of torque without slipping. Keep a convenient mix of hex, Torx, Phillips, and slotted bit sockets on hand.

Extra-long bits allow access to hard-to-reach fasteners. The short bit on these sockets fits in spaces where height clearance is limited. The ball end allows angled entry when you don't have exact alignment between the socket bit and fastener. These sockets are also known as pin-in-hex or pin-in-socket bits. Make maximum contact on all sides of a fastener to reduce slipping.

These sockets are also known as torque adapters. A ratchet mechanism allows you to turn fasteners without removing and repositioning the socket.

Often used with an extension, these sockets turn fasteners and fittings in obstructed areas that a regular socket can't reach. They are also known as crowfoot wrenches.

The opening shape makes more contact with fasteners for a better grip than standard open-end sockets. Also known as flare-nut or line wrench sockets, they're often used with flared tube fittings and fuel and hydraulic lines. Turn nuts on bolts and threaded rod, which pass through these sockets.

Lock your socket into the extension to prevent accidental disengagement. Lock your socket into the extension to prevent accidental disengagement. These sockets are made to withstand the high torque and force of impact tools.

Prevent overtightening that can damage fasteners. These adapters spring back slightly when the set torque is reached. The hex shape grips hex fasteners and prevents rounding. Use these sockets as an alternative to a screwdriver or L- key. They are made to withstand the high torque and force of impact tools. Attach one of these adapters to a socket to turn it with an open-end or box wrench. Quickly find the wrenches you're looking for with these brightly colored sets. These wrenches are made of stainless steel for excellent corrosion resistance.

Made of beryllium copper that is Factory Mutual approved, these wrenches inhibit sparking and are nonmagnetic and corrosion resistant. When working in tight spaces, these short wrenches fit where others can't. Flip these wrenches over to ratchet in the opposite direction. A lever reverses the ratchet direction. Pivot the box end for access to fasteners in tight spots.

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