What do you think about King Cross? It's a pretty good place for get massage IMO By the way, do you accept reports sent from readers? I would love to contribute to this blog and go out with you guys Hi Hamis, Thanks for your comment! Please send us a mail and we will see how you can contribute. We are actually looking for people to write interesting articles about kemang nightlife and blok M nightlife. We are also open to all the other types of reports about places that we haven't reviewed yet and also real Jakarta party pictures.

Concerning King Cross, I consider it as a sex joint more than a regular massage parlour so I didn't put it in our ranking. Sometimes the line is thin between a real spa and a bordello, but in this case, I think that King Cross is clearly over the line. Hoping to hear from you soon, Cheers! Please explain your rationing. King Cross, I would say its the best for striptease that I have been to in Jakarta. What are your opinions on the best places for people wanting to see full naked striptease in Jakarta??

Mars Men's Health Spa

Alexis and Malioboro are included in the ranking only because they have real spa facilities compared to King Cross. For full naked striptease, there are quite many places in Jakarta. Good places for me are V2, Malioboro, and Sparks. Club 36 is so so, the girls who go fully nude are not very pretty there in my opinion. People tend to forget Diamond club as well which is can be quite lively. Yes, I go on business trips regularly to Jakarta and almost never fail to visit Diamond since I discovered it last year.

Mas merah, malaysia. If you just care about girls no spasyou can go for Shangri La, Mulia. Please email me at jonathanbach yahoo. Atlantis in Mangga zBesar. Try it Just send me inbox runoutthyme yahoo. I can give pleasure massage.

I'm staying in Kemang next week. Whats the best place for FS massage around that area?

instagram spa jakarta

Kemang doesn't have many massage parlours. You may want to try Delta, but you won't get anything more than a handjob Hot massages in Jakarta are mostly found in the north of the city, not in the south. I will be visiting Jakarta before end of January and will stay hotel mulia senayan. Hotel Kristal doesn't have a spa with a special reputation but there is the Satu Lagi bar, popular with expats I will be statying at the airport CGKanything I can do there??Coolsculpting — No.

Sculpsure — Laser Permanent Fat Reduction. Picosure — No. Coolsculpting — Permanent Fat Reduction. Sculpsure — Permanent Fat Reduction. Our Powerful Award Winning Technologies when combined into One treatment offers significant inch-loss and great results!

It Combines:. Selected treatment by consultation. Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself and a smile is a sword. We take pride in the excellent results of our premium services to ensure a genuine difference and satisfaction for you. Taman Gunawarman Barat, No. Baru Senopati, Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia. Our services. Our unique credentials. Load More Follow on Instagram. Double Chin Elimination. Leave with a firmer and tighter skin, while at the same time boosting elasticity through increased collagen and elastin production.

Results are instant, and are best after a series of treatments. Exilis Elite — Award Winner. Venus Legacy. Flawless skin is imperative and can be achieved with Picosure Laser! This state of the art technology exceeds its predecessors Revlite and MedLite.

Picosure Excellent for Total Rejuvenation, Anti-ageing, Erasing Pigmentation freckles, brownspotsMelasma, Acne-scars and Wrinkle Reduction Results are better and faster and with fewer treatments are required! Results are instant, and improve with multiple sessions.

10 Couple’s Spas to Consider in Jakarta

Get rid of Acne! Results are instant even in the first treatment, and are best after a series of treatments. IPL Exilite. Hair Growth.

We can get back your thick, full and luscious hair! Hair Removal. At the forefront of technology, Blink Beauty is the Only clinic in South East Asia with the most comprehensive and state-of-the-art technologies for Non-invasive Slimming treatments — We are the Leaders. Triple Slimming Combo. Picosure Laser.Yesterday I went to there, So small n no Bath. Pricestandard Not recommendable Went there like half year ago The room with the shower is very small, the girl was pretty but lousy massage job.

instagram spa jakarta

It makes me feel like im havin claustrophobic to have trapped in a small room like that. It's so much better than Rizz. They have friendly and english-speaking staffs, good looking therapist and way much better atmoshpere than jam packed Rizz Yeah, its open again now, but price has become pricey and no FJ available.

I heard only can FJ but that is upto the girl. Too bad it is not clean again like used to be. Shower tray becomes a pool! The terapist most nice. Went to Magnolia this week. I prefer Delta or My Place by far. She arrived 10 min after I got into the room and said that she was late because she was doing make-up. She just did the back and the legs while I was facing down. Went for the BJ for kRp after bargain.

Took out her breasts quite breasted girl by the way and let me play and lick them. The Rizz. Was not good for the therapy. Time only 30 minutes. Always in hurry to massage. Coz Standard time is 90 minutes. They using the used towels and cloths.Cinta Luna is a shemale and can be booked out for couple million IDR, awesome service. I received messages of guys who told me several of those girls are escorts who can be booked indeed Is Serlianar still hooking?

Enjoyed her company a few years ago in Jakarta and Singapore. Yeah, Serlianar is still available but only when her main sponsor is not around.

When I last met her in KL this July she wanted usd for short time. Not sure how much she asks for in Bali. Any one please tell me how can book these models for service and also tell any best escort service in bali Please confirm if the above comments are true and if some of the above girls work as escorts? How to hire them? They seem to be fake comments.

instagram spa jakarta

Is it legal? Why would successful models escort? The following review is similar, with a selection of Indonesian girls who are regularly posting lingerie and bikini pictures of themselves on Instagram or Facebook. The 30 girls below are the sexiest Indonesian girls on social media.

I chose them because they are not shy to show some cleavage or wear sexy outfits, not because they are the most beautiful. Some models on this list regularly publish naked, semi-nude and topless photos, but none are pornstars. I also didn't include girls who are prostitutes. Most of those girls are freelance models usually for male magazines who can be hired for photoshoots.

For more details, you can contact them directly on their Instagram or Facebook account just click on the girl's name to see it.

Siva Aprilia. Echa Frauen. Aurora Lessa.Semua laporan yang masuk akan kami proses dalam hari kerja. Kami mencatat IP pelapor untuk alasan keamanan. Barang siapa memberikan laporan palsu akan dikenakan sanksi banned. Baca info terupdate seputar virus corona di sini. TS zoukspagl. Aktivis Kaskus Posts: Penyebutan nama wajib disamarkan dengan angka atau tanda bintang. Gunakan PM untuk informasi lebih detail. Disclaimer silakan copy paste dari sticky thread Nightlife Dilarang mencantumkan nomor kontak selain kontak manajemen atau panitia event.

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Rules dan standard format ini wajib dicantumkan di pejwan setiap thread di Nightlife Apa yg tidak tercantum di rules akan menjadi pertimbangan dan kebijakan moderator Nightlife Rules dan standard format ini bisa berubah sesuai kondisi. Diubah oleh zoukspagl Tampilkan isi Thread.Tapi, jangan sampai kamu lupa untuk memanjakan diri. Salah satu cara memanjakan diri adalah dengan menikmati perawatan di tempat spa.

Rata-rata, tarif spa memang mahal, tapi bukan berarti kamu nggak bisa menikmati layanan spa dengan harga terjangkau. Di mana aja, ya, tempat spa-nya? Siapa sih yang nggak kenal dengan nama besar Martha Tilaar? Terapis-terapisnya pun profesional dan mampu melayani kamu dengan ramah dan hangat. Jadi, sudah pasti bisa dipercaya. Wahid Hasyim, RT. Kacang, Jakarta Pusat. Kamu bisa mencoba beragam perawatan di sana, tinggal kamu sesuaikan dengan kebutuhanmu.

Stress Reduction Treatment Swarga Raras berguna untuk mengurangi ketegangan otot dan syaraf. Soalnya, mereka ingin mengajak pelanggan untuk mengembalikan kesegaran pikiran. Otomatis, kesehatan tubuh juga terjaga. Bukan hanya layanan spa-nya yang enak, tapi Life Tree Spa juga menawarkan tempat spa layaknya desa di Ubud, Bali. Suasananya yang hijau, tenang, dan damai bakal membuat kamu merasa rileks walaupun belum dipijat! Selain itu, Life Tree Spa juga menggunakan konsep ramah lingkungan dengan banyak material yang berbasis pohon kelapa.

Terapis-terapis di Life Tree Spa adalah terapis profesional, sehingga kamu nggak perlu khawatir dengan layanan yang diberikan. Bahan-bahan perawatan yang digunakan tentunya terbuat dari bahan alami yang aman untuk kulit.

Pengin merasakan spa ala Maroko dan diperlakukan bak puteri raja?

Inaria Spa Jakarta

Tubuh kamu di- steam dulu agar pori-pori terbuka. Lalu tubuh kamu dibilas hingga bersih dan dibersihkan dengan sabun Maroko bernama Black Soap. Kotoran dan sel kulit mati pun terangkat. Setelah selesai dibersihkan, kulit kamu akan dioleskan argan oil supaya lembut dan nggak kering.

instagram spa jakarta

Dilanjutkan dengan pemakaian masker dan mandi susu. Perawatan yang dilakukan di sana bisa menyeimbangkan pikiran, kesehatan, dan kecantikan, baik dari dalam maupun luar. Untuk kamu yang berhijab, sana juga ada penata rambut yang bakal menata hijabmu.

Si pemilik Jamu Tradisional Spa, Jeannine Marie Carroll memang tertarik dengan dunia kesehatan Indonesia dan pengobatan herbal yang bisa didapatkan pada flora dan fauna. Traditional Body Treatment di sana menggunakan berbagai macam bahan tradisional, seperti mangir, cokelat, kemiri, dan aneka bunga.Indulge yourself in the renowned luxury of South Jakarta's most premium location.

My Strict Indian Maharashtrian Mother Rates My Instagram Photos II WILL SHE LET ME MARRY HER SON?!

Enjoy your work from the luxurious comfort of your room. Available from IDR 1, nett per room per night. Over 70 years ago, the InterContinental legacy opened the gateway to luxury travel and transformed the globe into a playground of allure and grandeur.

Featuring luxury appointed guest rooms and suites, the hotel offers luxurious comfort and exemplary hospitality. Integrated into the Pondok Indah Shopping Mall complex, the hotel dominates the skyline of this upmarket Jakarta suburb. All our well-appointed rooms and suites feature an elegant and sophisticated design. All rooms are spacious, and bathrooms are equipped with a bath and separate walk-in showers.

The bedrooms provide complimentary tea and coffee making facilities, minibar, high-speed Internet access, safe and 55 inches Flat Screen TV. Rooms offer panoramic city, pool, or golf course views. Previous Photo Next Photo.

Booking With Confidence Now offering more flexible rate options for when plans change. Work From Hotel Enjoy your work from the luxurious comfort of your room. Available from IDR 1, nett per room per night Discover. Classic Room. Deluxe Room. Club InterContinental Room. Club InterContinental Suite. Executive Suites. Ambassador Suite. Presidential Suite. Social Feed ICJakarta.

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