Others counter that you should keep your data safe and secure in your own datacenter. And then there are many people in between who use cloud services as an addition to their self-hosted Not just for people with impaired colour vision — with a fresh and well rounded new palette, the new theme is a real looker!

Icinga Cube 1. They are then displayed in up to three dimensions for a quick Icinga Certificate Monitoring on Github This module is first and foremost a platform which lets you have an overview over all the Icinga X. The X. It does this by scanning networks for TLS services and collects whatever Graphite module for Icinga Web 2 released by aklimov Mar 21, DevelopmentIcinga WebIntegrationsModules After weeks of development with a lot of brainpower being invested we have finally finished the first stable release of our Graphite integration into Icinga Web 2.

Search for:.

icingaweb2 modules

The new Development Advocate, here for the community: Feu Mourek. Will ar… yesterday RT dnsmichi : Cleaning up my roadmap: Not an easy one, but I'm looking for maintainer s on the dashing for icinga project. Full ow… yesterday We're working on a troubleshooting guide at the moment.From the VMs to be monitored, a message is sent via the trap if a program was executed successfully or not.

Patrick has created trapdirector and it looks promising. But maybe there are better ways to check if a program is started sucessfully. Once the trap is handled by snmptrapd, this should be fine to just fowarded to snmptt. This may create rules to create a check result for Icinga then, e. Either you use trapdirector or not, have a look at this part of the doc - snmptrapd config - for snmptrapd configuration with snmpv3. Features: Disabled features: compatlog elasticsearch gelf graphite opentsdb Enabled features: api checker command debuglog ido-mysql influxdb livestatus mainlog notification perfdata statusdata syslog.

Packages: icingaweb PHP 7. The error was that is installed on the server rh-php71 -… and thus the port for php-fpm is occupied. After the implementation of PHP 7. Looks like my traps hate is going down a little bit. Hello everybody, does anyone know a plugin with which I can monitor snmptraps with Icingaweb2 and Director. Icinga2 - SNMP solution. Hi, the classic way of doing this would be to setup snmptrapd and add snmptt to process the traps with rules.

Cheers, Michael. Hi, Either you use trapdirector or not, have a look at this part of the doc - snmptrapd config - for snmptrapd configuration with snmpv3.

Hi, Hello everybody, I have the following system configuration:. See Anomaly section if something odd was found. Icinga Web 2 Packages: icingaweb Please note that it still could the code of a release More than one php.

Hello everybody, I came a little closer to the problem. HI, patrickpr just tested Your module.Icinga2 is a very powerful monitoring system that can be used optionally with the new user interface Icinga Web 2. In comparison with Icinga 1. This yeara configuration utility named Icinga Director has been released.

It can be used to configure the whole Icinga2 stack. Afterwards, the Apache web server and MariaDB database are configured and enabled for autostart. The following command controls features:.

Before Icinga2 is started for the first time, the IDO broker configuration needs to be altered. Connection information of the Icinga database need to be entered:. Another tipp regarding clarity — I decided to create dedicated sub-folders for configuration files.

For bigger installations it might be a good idea to store customized hosts, checks and commands in a dedicated sub-folder. Ensure that these folder is owned by the Icinga user:. Before Icinga Web 2 can be installed, the local timezone needs to be entered in the PHP configuration, e.

Afterwards, a SELinux flag needs to enabled and the Apache user should be added to the icingacmd group to enable controlling Icinga To start the installation, a token needs to be created — it will be used in the installation assistant in the next step. Icinga Director can be downloaded on GitHub. Ensure that the folder extracted from the archive is renamed to director — otherwise, bad things will happen:.

Before enabling the module, a dedicated database including a user is created. It is also necessary to import a database schema:. During this, certificates used for external applications to bind to Icinga2 are created:. Those privileges are necessary as Icinga Director should be able to control the complete Icinga2 instance:.

The next step is to start another installation assistent by clicking Icinga Director in the same menu. The assistant proceeds with the following steps:. There is only one thing missing: reproducing your infrastructure within Icinga2 — e. Message required.

icingaweb2 modules

Name required. Email required. By using this form you agree with the storage and handling of your data by this website. Mail notifications for additional comments. The following command controls features: icinga2 feature list Disabled features: command compatlog debuglog gelf graphite icingastatus ido-mysql livestatus opentsdb perfdata statusdata syslog Enabled features: api checker mainlog notification The commands lists available and enabled features.

We need to enable the following features: ido-mysql — MySQL database broker, stores status information, necessary for Icinga Web 2 perfdata — captures performance data e.

Director setup. Sharing is caring. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Message required Name required Email required Website By using this form you agree with the storage and handling of your data by this website. This site uses cookies and super-magic plugins for anti-spam protection. Find out more. Whatever, who cares.Had a read through the module docs and the GitHub issues but could not find anything that relates.

Does it ring a bell with anyone? I suspect something stupid like a missing PHP module…. There are a couple different graphite modules, the official one and a third-party one that predated it. Can you verify where you got and installed this from? For 3, can you clarify which resource? The one used by Icinga core or the one used by Icingaweb2? Setting the charset of the Icinga core IDO resource to latin1 partially solved the issue.

Now under the Graphite page I have all graphs, as well as on the services details. On the host details page the graph zone has disappeared entirely. How many hosts do you have? If you can find the associated. Only on the host details page. On service they are there. At the moment this is a very small setup 4 hosts. Are you using the ICMP command for checking the hosts?

Install Icinga2, Icinga Web 2 and Icinga Director under EL7

If so, you will have to copy and edit the default ICMP template, that is only for services. Sorry for the late reply. Switched to the hostalive command and now it works. Graphite data not showing in Icingaweb2 Icinga Modules. First, versions: Running over Debian 9 Stretch Icinga r2. I always try three things, when I have this problem: Refreshing the page with a cache reload e. I did get the module from the Icinga github: I got tag 1.

I also never understood why this has any effect, to be honest. Just on the host detail pages? Or on the service detail pages as well? I had this posted somewhere here and as a PR on GitHub.Report issues. Modules can contain Bolt Tasks that take action outside of a desired state managed by Puppet. You can use Bolt or Puppet Enterprise to automate tasks that you perform on your infrastructure on an as-needed basis, for example, when you troubleshoot a system, deploy an application, or stop and restart services.

Bolt plans allow you to orchestrate actions across your infrastructure, or wrap a single action in logic. This module is compatible with PDK.

Puppet Development Kit PDK makes it easy to develop and test Puppet modules with a simple, unified interface to helpful tools for anyone who writes or consumes Puppet code.

What do you want to automate? With Tasks? Any Yes. Add this declaration to your Puppetfile:.

Icinga2 [PART 2] - Monitor Linux Clients (icinga 2)

Then run:. Learn more about using Puppet modules with Bolt. Learn more about managing modules with a Puppetfile. Manually install this module with Puppet module tool:. Tags: icinga icinga2 icingaweb2 monitoring. More from Puppet Scale safely across teams Module delivery pipelines offer governance needed for cross-team collaboration. Puppet Approved Modules These modules meet our standards for being well-written, reliable, and actively maintained.

Learn more. Partner licensing may be required. Compatible with multiple platforms. Bolt Tasks Modules can contain Bolt Tasks that take action outside of a desired state managed by Puppet. Bolt Plans Bolt plans allow you to orchestrate actions across your infrastructure, or wrap a single action in logic.

This module has been marked as deprecated by its author. You should select a different module.I accessed the front-end set-up wizard and the step of " Database Resource" is not giving me a Postgresql option in the drop down even though i have installed postgresql and followed all the steps as described in the official installation docs.

Screenshot at Which distribution are you using, and the versions of PHP and Icinga Web 2 would be interesting as well.

Which is clearly the case but i dont seem to find any guidance on how to fix this. You may need to alter the granted permissions for the icinga db user.


Do not use root. Hmmm please share the resources. It seems that icinga2 is the one holding the current IDO schema, and the owner is definitely wrong being postgres instead of icinga.

The Icinga Web 2 setup wizard wants to create its own database called icingaweb or icingaweb2 where the schema is imported. This is due to the fact that its two different apps and schemas. Please avoid screenshots of configuration, enclose such with 3 backticks and copy them instead. I can barely read the black background and blue comments. Can't get past Icingaweb2 setup on new installation Icinga Web 2.

Hi everyone, Im in the process of installing icinga2 from scratch and the final step was Icingaweb2. Any help much appreciated. Many thanks in advance! Cheers, Michael. Thank you so much for your help Michael. All sorted and i have managed to successfully install icinga web. Any ideas on how to resolve this would be much appreciated. Many thanks again.

Thanks again Michael. Screenshot of resources.The Icinga Reporting Module is the framework and foundation we created to handle data collected by Icinga 2 and other data providers. By definition Icinga Reporting does not collect or calculate any data. With scheduled reports you can receive the prepared data periodically via email. Follow along in this hands-on blog post. Graphite is a time-series database storing collected metrics and making them available through restful apis and web interfaces.

Use the GraphiteWriter feature for sending real-time metrics from Icinga 2 to Graphite. A popular alternative frontend for Graphite is for example Grafana. Integration in Icinga Web 2 is possible by installing the official graphite module. InfluxDB is a time series, metrics, and analytics database. Integration in Icinga Web 2 is possible by installing the community Grafana module. PNP is an addon which adds a graphical representation of the performance data collected by the monitoring plugins.

The data is stored as rrd round robin database files. NPCD collects the performance data files which Icinga 2 generates. This community module displays host objects as markers on openstreetmap in Icinga Web 2. If you configure multiple hosts with the same coordinates, i. Check the Map module docs for more details on installation, configuration and integration. Create top-level views of your applications in a graphical editor.

Rules express dependencies between existing hosts and services and let you alert on application level. Business processes are displayed in a tree or list overview and can be added to any dashboard. Monitor your certificates in an efficient and comfortable way.

icingaweb2 modules

Be aware of required actions and view all details at a glance. Read more here and here. It combines several popular widgets and provides development instructions for your own implementation. The dashboard also allows to embed the Icinga Web 2 host and service problem lists as Iframe.

Using Logstash or Graylog in your infrastructure and correlate events with your monitoring is even simpler these days. More details can be found in this blog post. Additionally external services can be integrated with Icinga 2 :.

Contact Us Download. Graphite consists of 3 software components: carbon — a Twisted daemon that listens for time-series data whisper — a simple database library for storing time-series data similar in design to RRD graphite webapp — a Django webapp that renders graphs on-demand using Cairo You need to install Graphite first, then proceed with configuring it in Icinga 2.

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