Every time you gain a level you will receive a certain number of skill points dependent on your level. Skills will consume a certain amount of skill points to level up depending on which job the skill being leveled up relates to. The tables for these points costs can be seen below. The action slot is located in the bottom right of the screen, when there are skills in the action slot you can activate v&a dundee ยท scotlands first design museum by pressing the hot key 'C'.

You may have up to 6 skills in your action slot. When you use your action slot there will always be a cooldown of 12 seconds every time the last skill has been casted. You will see that the skills become grayed out as shown in the image to the left.

Activition's stop this cool down and you will be able to use all skills for as long as the Activition is active. Masquerpets may also use skills.

Flyff Character Simulator

Here is a list of possible skills used by NPC. Jump to: navigationsearch. Views Article Discussion View source History. Contents 1 Leveling Up Skills 1. These types of skills can be assigned to hot keys F1 - F9 or if the skill does not have a cool down they can be placed in the action slot either singularly or repetitively they do not have to have any other skill before them or after them, though if you are using chain skills in the action slot they can not be placed in there with them.

These skills can be placed on the hot keys or in the action slot, they can only be used singularly in the action slot you may follow a starting skill with a circle skill or a finishing skill. These skills can only be used in the action slot and there must be a starting skill in before them.

You can add as many circle skills as you want after the starting skill. These skills can only be used in the action slot, you may only have one of them in the action slot and it must follow either a starting skill or a circle skill.Hey everyone! In this guide, I will be telling you about every kind of battle rm out there. Merk-Only, Merkcrack, and 1v1 battle rm. Since Im not a battle rm, I will only state briefly about them. Most of this information is from Kira's Merkcrack RM Guide, and the official Flyff fourms, so if make sure you give them credit too!

Most people think that Ringmasters are only made for Full support work, Holy Crossing, and even slaves in some cases. Ringmaster can and will be killing machines if done right.


As a Battle Rm, I have 14 pks, and I do pick arena fights and come out victorious. You can too! First you need to choose what kind of ringmaster you want to be, follow the build, get the weps and armor, and go on a ramage.

Simple as so. In order to successfully aoe, you must have both Prevention and Merkaba maxed, but I'll explain that in the Skills section. Before I list the build, I'll put up the pro's and con's.

Pros 1: You're basically immortal. You'll never die, and you dont have to waste money on too food Example: At lvl 98, aoeing Cannibal Mammoths. Doesnt mean you shouldnt get a tank, its faster, yes, but you dont NEED one. It's all sticks. Doesnt matter if your full int, you're still one of the slowest aoers ever.

Always remember than anyone could walk out of merks range, and the arena is mostly filled High-Dmg dealers, and most of them kill rms on sight. It happens to me a lot Builds, Builds, Builds.

flyff skill calculator

Where would we be without them? Only 2 builds work with Merk-Only. Choose which one you pleasure for. This is the most recommended way to go if you're going Merk-Only. That's right, 3. It's up to you, but personally, Im Full Sta. This build is only for those who CAN get a tank. Without a tank, doesnt matter if you have prevention, you're screwed. Int doesnt even add that much dmg, its not worth it.This is the finalised Guide for bow Acrobats and Rangers. This is a collection of oppinions and suggestions from the entire Acro-Ranger community.

Please use the links to quick jump to specific points on the guide. We hope this guide will help you on your way to Rangerhood and that you will enjoy being a Ranger. Note by rbardy: Since the time past and the game changed I updated the info in that guide, fixed the links and added some info.

If you notice something that isnt right then let me know to fix it. Congratulations, you are now a bow user and you have made up your mind that you want to forget about the bow jester route and stick to good old rangerness. Good for you! As you can see there are a few more cons than pros, but the fast leveling outweighs all of them in my opinion. Unless you cannot afford to upgrade and element your equiptment that is.

Do You Even Flyff?

So its time for you to decide what route you want to go. Your stats for the first 60 levels will determine what your ranger will become.

If you want to use yoyo skills in PvP, this stat will help with yoyo attack power. This stat is the second most important stat if you want to be an AoE Ranger. If you increase this your attack damage will raise when equipped with a bow. This stat also governs your attack speed, critical percentage, Hit rate, block and evasion rate.

AoE rangers will also benift alot form DEX; not ony in damage but in evasion and block rate. This stat can be more effective that STA in most cases. Plus the extra damage gained in burning field is not enough o waste those vital points on INT. If you want more MP buy shine glasses or a mental necklace. But to help with the location of the NPC and itens i will use some maps:. Location of the Book of Technique. Pulling: Okay, you ask me, what the hell am I dong? A bow user having to learn a yoyo skill?!

Fastwalker: That skill rise, a lot, your move speed, and that allow you go to the monsters faster and shop in the cities faster too. Bow Mastery: It raises your attack rate by 1 point per skill level. Dark Illusion: Your last line of defense or first line for PvP. This skill makes you invisible for a few seconds.

Silent Shot: I personally think this skill is useless. Maybe its okay in PvP, I think I remember using it like 3 times?You seem to have CSS turned off. Please don't fill out this field.

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flyff skill calculator

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Flyff Ranger and Bow Acrobat Guide

Get the SourceForge newsletter. JavaScript is required for this form. No, thanks. Project Samples.Normally players do not include the skill build when discussing builds. If it is used on two stats, it means that points should be spent evenly between them. Without a Ringmaster, this build is very weak. It is also absurdly expensive. However, it is by far the fastest killing and hardest hitting build with proper equipment and Ringmaster support.

This build is very common, almost all one-on-one Billposters use it. Less STA is needed the more money the player is willing to put towards equipment. They will usually act as a support partner until level 70 when this skill unlocks due to their high INT. However, they have next to no ability to fight, and so are dependent on a partner. This build is for Ringmasters who wish to do clockworks in order to make money, still nearly no ability to fight but can make a decent tank after level This build is specific for the knuckle Area of effect verison of a battle ringmaster, its quite hard to stay with after lvl 80 without a full support Ringmaster to help.

This is a rarely used Ringmaster build, as of the version 13 patch, there is little point of becoming this chass as of Prevention. Although it doesn't hit very hard, it won't die much and can be an Area of Effect user later on.

This build is purely INT to maximise your damage.

flyff skill calculator

There is no STA because you have Satanology, which will immobilise monsters for a minimum of 20 seconds at a time. With the right gear, this number can go over 1 minute! This build is designed to take advantage of the Crucio spell.

They cast Crucio on themselves and then have a monster many levels higher than them attack them. Since Crucio reflects damage, they hit high on the monster. They need the aid of a full support Assist to do this effectively, though. They are one of the slowest levelling classes before level 60, but the fastest immediately after.One of the most sought after jobs in Flyff is the blade.

I am here to tell you my experience with blades since my time in the past. This is my first time to write a guide so just be polite about it. I will be posting a link to a Flyff Character Simulator at the end of my guide for your reference in stat bonuses. Upon reaching Vagrant level 15, you can change your job to a Mercenary, and upon reaching Mercenary Level 60, you can change your job once again to become a Blade.

When going for Giants and Super Bosses as most stats, 3 among the 4, can benefit the blade very well. Good blades are always supported by a good RM Ringmaster. Equipment is very expensive for blades because of high-demands of the players. When I started on this server I made it all the way to level using only NPC Weapons lolbut it has fairly good awakes.

So without further ado, let us discuss each possible Blade build. The guide presents Base Stats The one you see before you log in to be precise. You can use the link for the calculator I posted below. This is recommended for players who want to hunt as a soloist, and yes, you still need an RM. This is my current build and the one I used to get to Lvl without using or buying fancy weapons such as Angels Axe, etc. How did I managed to get to this level, you may ask?

Well, since Flyff Iblis opened, this is my first account and I have no penya to spend. The accuracy for this build is pretty horrible, too. Just try it out for yourselves. Happy Flyffing! Howdy, Stranger! It looks like you're new here. If you want to get involved, click one of these buttons! Sign In Register.Login Register [Apr 25th ] New classes have been added to the skill simulator!

Simulator Public Builds Build. Note that this by no means a DPS and damage class. Or for simplicity and easier play time, go full con. Copy Build. Energy Bolt [Magic] Gather powerful magical energy and launch it towards an enemy. Lethargy Makes an enemy lethargic. Sleep Makes an enemy fall asleep. The enemy awakens once you've reached your limit of attacks. Magic Shield Create a protective shield that absorbs enemy's attack. Earthquake [Magic] - [Earth] Inflicts damage on an enemy by creating a powerful earthquake in front of you.

Surespell Skills being cast cannot be interrupted by enemy attacks. Magic Missile [Magic] Attack continuously with magic bullets. New bullets are shot if it successfully targets an enemy. Quick Cast Reduces skill casting time. Unbind Disconnect all links. Level 1: Disconnect all links at once.

Physical Link Links party members and shares damage. Can be canceled by the Unbind skill. Joint Penalty Links enemies to attack all at once. Hangman's Knot Tighten the link to gather up the linked enemies in front of you. Swell Left Arm Enlarge the size of you and your party member's hands to increase the attack of their primary weapon. Shrink Body Shrink the size of monsters. Swell Body Enlarges the size of monsters. Increases the target's maximum HP by 2 times and doubles loot dropped.

Summon: Force Attack Your summon will attack the targeted enemy. Summon: Release Release your summon. Gather Corpse [Magic] Releases evil energy into your opponent. The corpses of monsters affected by the evil energy can be collected once defeated. Create Shoggoth Create a Shoggoth with stats based on the cards that are placed in the Necronomicon.

The attack and defense of the Shoggoth are affected by the skill level.

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